Amongst the pandemic, a big fat wedding is now just a far off dream for many to-be brides and grooms. A lot of people would associate an intimate wedding with being a very boring one. However, that’s not true as intimate weddings have proved to be the next big thing in the days to come.

Your intimate wedding day will be the best day of your life as you will be graced with the presence of the people you love the most. This makes it a very personal event and indeed a fun one as well!If an intimate wedding is planned in the right manner, it can be a completely fun-filled event for you and your guests. 

Plan your intimate wedding effectively:

(a)Venue Ideas for your Intimate wedding
Our world has taken a whole 360-degree turn ever since the existence of COVID-19. Now that weddings have started retaking place, the first and foremost thing on the list is to look for an apt venue for your 50  to 100 guest wedding. If you are wondering where you could host it? Here are a few suggestions.
1. Your Own Terrace or Garden.
2. Small Function Spaces.
3. Community Halls.
4. Rental Homes .

(b)Bridal Outfit Ideas for your Intimate Wedding
Now that your wedding date is fixed, the venue has been selected, and decor has also been checked upon, the next most important thing on your list is your bridal outfit. With you being the spotlight on that day, your outfit matters a lot. The pandemic has added a new accessory for all brides, which is the mask. Be a style statement by picking a gorgeous outfit for your wedding along with a matching face mask.

(c)Photography for your Intimate Wedding:
An intimate wedding with just close family and friends is a very personal and emotional event for you and your guests and hence capturing every moment is very important. Photography is essential  for a wedding function. Photos clicked on your dream day will serve to be a memory that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Also, with the pandemic around, your wedding photos will be like proof or a tale to tell your friends and family of how you hosted your wedding amidst the coronavirus. You could also create a google drive or an email id specific to you and your partner and ask your guests to send pictures clicked during the wedding to that specific account.
You can also contact WedArt as a photographer for your dream day! We would love to be a part of your big day and capture all those priceless moments.

More Quality Time:
The basic idea of an intimate wedding is to get to spend this day with a handful of people who are of superlative importance in your life. The friends and family who you can rely on blindly and love endlessly are the ones who you want on your wedding day – your constants. Having an intimate wedding ceremony allows you to spend more quality time with each one of your guests.

You know them personally and there is  awkward moments. It is like a whole big family. Instead of just shaking your hand for a few minutes at the stage while receiving gifts and smiling at the camera or hugging them for another few seconds right before they leave, you actually get to make warm memories to remember forever with you

Hassle-Free Coordination with your guest for your Intimate Wedding:
The guidelines by the government have indeed made you cut short on the long list of friends and family you may have always wanted around you for your big day. They may not be able to be around physically, but they can yet be a part of your day in the following ways.

1.Stream your wedding online,ie, go live!
2.Whoever can be present physically, you can ask them to join the celebration and extend their blessings online via video conferencing applications like Zoom, Google Meet, WhatsApp video call, Google Duo, etc.

The pandemic has changed everything around the world, including the face of wedding celebrations. That shouldn’t dishearten to be brides and grooms. The happier and exciting way out would be to live with it and accept it and also innovate all the wedding planning.An intimate wedding isn’t bad at all. In fact, it is a much perfect and personal affair. This big day will definitely be memorable and filled with all the best memories. Also, a few years down the line, you will have fun stories to tell about getting hitched during a global pandemic.